Property Tax Appeals
& Reduction Services

Ballard Property Tax Protest provides property tax appeal and reduction services to help residential property owners in Texas minimize their property taxes.

Our experienced consultants understand Texas property tax laws and can assist with navigating the complex process.

Protest Deadline: May 15, 2024 or 30 days from Notice Date


Residential Protests

We will handle the entire protest process -developing customized protest strategies, collecting evidence to support the appeal, negotiating with the taxing authority, and  appearing at a hearing to present the case on behalf of the homeowner.

Free Consultation

Enjoy risk-free property tax consultation with our team, including a free assessment, no upfront fees, and a promise to only charge after a successful protest - with no reduction resulting in free services.

Cost Savings

Protesting property taxes can lead to significant cost savings for homeowners, improving their financial outlook by lowering their property tax liability and securing exemptions.

texas Property Tax protests, Explained

As a Texas Property Tax Consultant, Ballard Property Tax helps homeowners reduce their property tax liability by appealing the assessed value of their home.

By submitting a protest, homeowners can challenge their property's appraisal and potentially lower their tax bill. This process involves collecting evidence to support the appeal, negotiating with the taxing authority, and potentially appearing at a hearing to present the case.

A successful protest can result in significant savings for homeowners and provide them with peace of mind knowing they are not overpaying on their property taxes.


About Ballard Property Tax Protest

We're a proud small business helping Texans pay less in property taxes.

We take a "smart" approach to the protests we file. We combine the latest real estate data and our local market expertise to create the most compelling case possible. And the evidence we will use in your case is specific to your property.

This smart approach has helped thousands of home owners lower their property tax bill. And we want to do the same for you.

As a property tax consultant, our goal is simple: to save you money. We have the knowledge, data, and local experience to do just that.


Ballard Property Tax: solving all your protest needs

Forget the headache of paying additional property taxes – let us do all the work. Our experience has assisted thousands of homeowners in Texas to successfully lower their property taxes through the Appraisal Review Board, and we can do the same for you. If we don't reduce your proposed assessed value, our services are free.


We've help thousands of homeowners lower their property taxes. We can help you.


We're a small team and we like it that way. Matthew personally handles your case. And we're just an email or phone call away.


You can share photos and notes about your property and we'll use them while constructing your case.


Matthew was born and raised in Coppell and attended college in Dallas.

Matthew Ballard,
Property Tax Consultant

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