How To File a Property Tax Protest in Denton County

Because local governments in Texas receive a large percentage of their budgets from property taxes, Denton County property taxes can be excessive. But this doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the huge tax bill you receive. A Texas property tax protest is a straightforward way to reduce your annual property taxes.

What is a Texas Property Tax Protest?

The Texas Constitution enshrines the right of every property owner to contest their land’s tax-assessed value. Because all taxation must be equal and uniform, homeowners can challenge a valuation as differing from similar homes.

A property tax protest is essentially a claim that the Denton Central Appraisal District (DCAD) over-valued your home. The law requires DCAD to assess properties at their market value as of January 1. Due to mass-appraisal techniques, many homes will be given tax-assessed values far exceeding their market value.

Once you file a protest, you will begin a process that includes an informal review and the right to a formal hearing. The hearing is before the county’s Appraisal Review Board (ARB), a group of local individuals with the power to lower your home’s taxable valuation. 

How Do I File a Property Tax Protest in Denton County?

Denton County has an annual deadline to file a property tax protest. Typically, it is in mid-May, 30 days after DCAD mails Notices of Appraised Value to homeowners. Before the deadline, you must file, either in person, by mailing, or through DCAD’s website portal.

After you file for a protest, you should upload evidence that DCAD's assessment was incorrect. Supporting documentation for your protest is critical to winning the challenge and reducing your tax bills.

Before you reach an ARB hearing, you may go through an informal review with a DCAD appraiser. Sometimes, the informal review can lead to an appropriate reduction in your home's assessed value. If not, you will proceed to the ARB hearing.

Your ARB hearing will be scheduled shortly after your file your protest. Denton County holds both in-person and virtual ARB hearings. However, all the hearings are formal, and you need to be prepared to present a case for why your home's assessed value is too high.

Can I Appeal a Denton County ARB Decision?

Yes, if you are unsatisfied with how the Denton County ARB rules, you have the opportunity to appeal. There are three methods of resolving an appeal: binding arbitration, an administrative hearing, or an in-court appeal. 

If the ARB declines to adopt your proposed valuation of your home after an appeal, you have options. However, each path has different costs and benefits, so you’ll want to be fully informed before proceeding with an appeal.

Can I Have Someone Represent Me in a Property Tax Protest? 

Texas law allows you to appoint a representative for your property tax protest ARB hearing. You must sign an authorization letter to appoint an agent to speak on your behalf.

Because an ARB hearing involves a formal presentation of evidence, an experienced professional representative may be better suited to handling your case. Your representative can make persuasive arguments regarding evidence that DCAD over-valued your home. They will also be prepared to answer questions and address any evidence submitted by DCAD.

Watchtower Protest has assembled a team of professionals with experience winning Texas tax protests. Our services are offered risk-free, and we don't get paid unless we help lower your property taxes. So, sign up at our website to have a team of pros on your side as you challenge your Denton County property tax assessment. 

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