When Are Fort Bend Property Taxes Due?

Have you received a Notice of Appraised Value from the Fort Bend Central Appraisal District (Fort Bend CAD)? Are you wondering when your property taxes are due? You're not alone! 

Whether you're just moving to the area and want to get a head start on the paperwork or if you've been here for years and need a refresher – don't worry because we've got all of your questions answered. 

In this blog post, we'll cover everything there is to know about Fort Bend County property tax due dates so that you can keep up with deadlines and stay informed. 

What is the Delinquency Date for Fort Bend, Texas Property Taxes?

According to the Fort Bend CAD’s calendar, property taxes typically become delinquent and subject to penalty and interest charges beginning on February 1. It’s important to note that, although you will receive your home’s Notice of Appraised Value from the Fort Bend Appraisal District, the Fort Bend County Tax Assessor-Collector is responsible for distributing property tax bills.

While the Fort Bend CAD mails Notices of Appraised Value in April, Fort Bend property tax bills typically are not mailed in October and must be paid upon receipt. However, you have until January 31 of the following year to pay your taxes without receiving any sort of penalty. 

If the original bill is mailed after January 10, the delinquency date is postponed so that you will have at least 21 days to pay your taxes. The date of delinquency will fall on the first day of the next month that will allow for at least 21 days for payment. 

For instance, if your bill was mailed on January 21, your delinquency date will be moved from February 1 to March 1. This means you will have until the last day of February (the 28th or the 29th on leap years) to pay your taxes. 

What Happens if I Don’t Pay My Texas Property Taxes on Time?

If you fail to pay your Texas property taxes on time, you will have interest and penalties added to your account. You may also be assessed additional penalties to cover collection fees and can even be sued if other collection efforts fail.

Additionally, because a tax lien automatically attaches to your home on January 1 of each year, your property can be foreclosed upon if you do not pay your taxes. You will also struggle to sell any property with a tax lien on it.

Do I Still Need To Pay My Tax Bill if I File a Property Tax Protest?

Under Texas law, homeowners have the right to challenge the assessed value given to their homes by the Fort Bend Appraisal District. The legal mechanism for doing so is known as a property tax protest.

However, the right to file a property tax protest does not impact your obligation to pay your property taxes on time. In most situations, the Fort Bend CAD must mail your Notice of Appraised Value by April 1. Then, you usually have until May 15 to file your protest with the Fort Bend Appraisal District, and protest hearings are held in June. 

This means that by the time your property tax bill is mailed in October, it will already reflect your home’s new value after your property tax protest, and you will be expected to pay your taxes on time.

If you disagree with the Fort Bend CAD’s assessment of your home’s value and want to file a property tax protest, Watchtower Protest is here to help. We can represent you every step of the way, from filing your protest to taking on the Fort Bend Appraisal District during your formal protest hearing. 

Best of all, we won’t charge you anything unless we succeed in lowering your property taxes. So, why not sign up today for our risk-free property tax protest services?

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